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Content Management System

Plan and develop a website with suitable content management workflow Provide information about the organisation and its activitie

  • Identify easily with its target audience - customer groups, vendors, prospective employees, regulators, analysts, stakeholders, others

  • Customised information delivery systems - news, events, product info, brochures, case studies, results, tenders, analysis, etc.

  • Integrated e-commerce systems - sell products, memberships, plans, etc.

  • Integrated Social Networking systems - Deploy, Provision, Initiate, Spread, Connect with potential customers, stakeholders on Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Google Buzz, Blogs, Email Newsletters, Instant Messaging, etc.

  • Market objectives - products, services, ideas, memberships, website using online marketing channels

Create sub-portals, microsites, blog sections to meet short term objectives or address cross-section of audience.

Most individuals who do have websites about themselves are professionals, consultants, artists, hobbyists, entrepreneurs, academicians, etc. In addition to their biographic profile, the websites also contain sections describing their offerings, activities, achievements, testimonies, etc.

Websites make it very convenient for any one person to inform, promote, sell their services and offerings. See more details about our offerings for websites for individuals.

At Webapps we make it very easy and effortless to setup, operate and promote a website about your services and offerings. The value additions a w4website gives you compels you to sign up and book a website right away.

Our self-managed CMS based website provides you with the necessary optimizations to make a mark on the internet in the following aspects.

  • Design - Choose from hundreds of contemporary and elegant designs. Change the look and feel at will.

  • Content Management - Get a blog, twitter, facebook, gtalk well integrated with your website along with an advanced yet easy to use content management system.

  • SEO - You website is optimized to get recognized by search engines from the ground-up.

  • Customize - Enquire customization services to features, themes.

  • Newsletter - Maintain your newsletter online and manage composing, sending emails to your patrons.

  • Lowest costs - All these are available at very low costs of maintenance and extensions.